Testify Tour 2017

April 25 Bowie State Lecture
May 20 Harrahs Chester, Pa
May 27 Chicago
June 3 El Paso
June 10 Stanford, Connecticut
JuneĀ 11 Washington, DC
June 15 NYC Public Hotel
June 17 Columbus Pride
June 23 MSG Libery
June 25 NY Pride
June 29-July 3 Ibiza/London
July 13-16 Brazil
July 22 Peru
July 28 Canada Pride
August 26 Iowa Pride
August 27 Hartford, Conn
September 1 Ibiza
September 16 Louisville
September 23 Argentina
September 28 Estonia
October 14 Chicago
October 28 London
October 31 Palm Springs
November 11 Orlando
November 17 Coral Gables
November 25 Chicago
December 8 Cancun

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