Synergy Tour 2016

May 9 Hong Kong
May 10 Hong Kong
June 5 New York Queens Gay Pride
June 11 Milwaukee
June 18 Montreal
June 25 Flaggstaff Arizona
June 28 New York Inwell Cruise
July 9 Barcelona
July 16 Lima Peru
July 23 Baltimore
July 30 Central PA
August 6 London Sist State
August 14-15 Atlantic City
August 20 Big Bear CA
August 27 Stockton CA
September 2 Los Angeles CA
September 14 New York
September 23 Mozambique SA
September 24 Johannesburg SA
September 25 Capetown SA
September 27 New York
October 9 Miami
October 14 San Francisco
October 18-23 Amsterdam
October 29 Melbourne Australia
October 30 Melbourne Australia
October 31 Melbourne Australia
November 3 Hobart Wrest Point
November 4 Brisbane
November 5-8 Sydney Australia
November 9 Newcastle
November 10 TBC

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